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Bitcoin Price Riding Gold’s Luster

Updated: Jan 23

Bitcoin rose to its highest price in a month after weeks of lowest volatility which actually is very ideal situation and signifies mass acceptance, but ethereum did indeed steal the media headlines this week, surging more than 21% with the massive boom in DeFi applications began which have already started to pay dividends.

After two years of disappointment in relation to bitcoin since its early 2018 crash, ether has found its new killer dapp

On the contrary the market reacted with pleasure with the news by banks giving green light to offer crypto custody along with more modest gains for Bitcoin after the European Union agreed to a coronavirus stimulus package early in the week, moving its price above $10,000. But Prof Dr Edward Roy Krishnan CEO of Loltoken which is a native token for accessing education on an upcoming global e-learning platform Pedagog told he worries bitcoin might still be connected to the stock market and could be vulnerable to another crash.

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