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User flow – How to create an online course on Pedagog

Updated: Feb 5

A. Create your profile

  1. Signup – Login

  2. Go to your Profile

  • Upload a professional photo of you

  • Provide your first name, last name, email address, country and a short introduction of yourself, which should include your academic and/or professional experience

  • Provide your professional information including the industry and filed experience you have got, as well as your educational qualifications

  • You can also add all your social media pages to promote yourself

  • Note: the above information is not compulsory but would be helpful for potential students to know your background.

B. Create course introduction page

  1. Go to “Instructor Area” at the side bar

  2. Click “+Create”

  3. Start creating the page by adding course title

  4. Add Course Overview (1-2 sentences to explain what is this course about. Sample: This course is designed to develop skills in designing, conducting and evaluating action research in the context of management practice.)

  5. Add Course Objective ( 1-2 sentences to explain what is the objective of this course. Sample: The objective of this course is to provide the student with the theoretical background and analytical tools necessary for efficient implementation of the financial side of the managerial profession.)

  6. Add “What will student learn” (can be bullet points or paragraph to explain the key points that students would learn from this course.

  7. Add the prerequisites to study the course (sample: foundation knowledge in accounting or a particular software etc..)

  8. Upload Thumbnail: this is to upload an image to showcase this course

  9. Upload Video preview: this is to upload a video introduction of this course. A course with a short introduction video would convert the customers more easily

  10. Set the Price of the course

  11. Choose the Language of the course

  12. Choose the level of this course, whether it is beginner, intermediate or advanced level

  13. Select Categories: you can select multiple categories for your course

  14. Click “Save” on the top of the page and your course introduction page is created and saved.

C. Upload course content

  1. Go back to the course page, you can click your course, and click “View/Add Lessons” on the top of the page to start adding the lessons under this course.

  2. Click “+Add Lessons” and you will see a form to fill in with the lesson information:

  3. Lesson Name: Name of the lesson

  4. Order: No. of this lesson, if it’s the first lesson of this course, put “1”

  5. Learning Outcome: what will students achieve after completing this lesson, with min 1 and max 3 outcomes

  6. Click “Save Changes”

  7. Go back to the lesson and click “+Add File” to start adding content of the course

  8. File adding will start with “File name”, Sample: Lesson Material, Lesson Overview (Video) etc

  9. File number: this is the No. of this file, if it’s the first file of this lesson, put “1”

  10. File description: if you would like to give a description of this file

  11. Lesson duration: enter the estimated duration in minutes to complete this lesson)

  12. Transcript: if it’s a video file and you would like to provide the transcript, please upload it here

  13. Select File type

  14. If you select “Video”, please upload the video lesson

  15. If you select “Document”, please upload the file in PDF format

  16. If you select “Quiz”, there are 3 types of quiz for you to choose

  17. True/False: please enter the question and select the answer

  18. Multiple choice – Single Answer: please enter the question and add answer option and the correct answer

  19. Open question: please enter the question

  20. Extra Contributors: any extra information you would like to add for the file

  21. Click “Save and Preview”. Note: - once you saved the file, you are not able to edit the “file type” anymore

  22. Repeat the above steps to add multiple files under each lesson, and add multiple lessons under the course




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